Below, you’ll find my training information. First, I’d like to share an important message with you. I personally train all dogs at my kennel. At no time, will I send your dog to anyone else. You have my promise that your pup will receive my dedication and personal attention.



I take gundog training very seriously. With it, you will have an obedient dog, that when asked, will locate and retrieve birds at your command. Without training, you’ll have a dog that will not only give you headaches, but one that jeopardizes its own safety and the pleasure of your hunt.

First, I’d like to share a little about me. I own and operate a small kennel; this allows me to spend more one-on-one time with your pup. I’ve been to many kennels that have tons of dogs. I often wonder, “How can you possibly spend the time needed with them day in and day out?” In this type of scenario, most dogs are trained every other day or 3rd day. You have to ask yourself, “Is this how you want your gundog trained?” I think not. If you are paying someone to spend the day with your dog, both you and pup deserve daily training session. Now, I’d like to highlight my training method.

My training consists of: 1). Assessing the dog’s level of training…in other words when an individual brings him in, what does pup already know? Has he seen birds? Does he know the “here” or “come” command? This information provides my basis for training. 2) I assess the dog’s temperament. Does he or she have a real strong personality or are they a little softer? This to me is probably the most critical, due to the fact if you cannot read the response or reaction of the dog, this is when one creates MAN-MADE PROBLEMS! It is in your best interest to do your homework and find a reputable trainer. Often, this is difficult, because you rely on another’s word or the trainer’s “salesmanship.” Again, try to feel the person out because not every trainer is created equal.

The following is an example: A person who is used to training English Pointers, (which tend to be a little more headstrong) might be used to using a stronger approach than needed on other breeds. Many times, a dog like a GSP may not need the same pressure or force. Therefore, if they are used to using that particular method, it may not necessarily be such a good method for using on a GSP, Griffon, etc.

My methods consist of POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT, in other words I make training fun for pup. I’ve had individuals watch me in the field and say, “IT SURE IS A PLEASURE TO SEE WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH A DOG IN SUCH A SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME, WITH NO PRESSURE AT ALL.” Believe me, if I tell you I can take a dog that would not stand and hold a bird and make them a dog that will be running in the field SLAM A BIRD, hold it and know the “whoa” command in an hour, believe that I will. I do have witnesses that will attest to this, and I do it with positive reinforcement. When I complete my training with your dog, it will exhibit confidence in the field. When you give it the “whoa” command, its tail and head will be high, anticipating a bird getting up in front.

This is my pledge to you as a Breeder and a Trainer and just as the person I am: I will do my best to give you the QUALITY that you deserve, will not keep your dog, pet, companion etc. an extra few weeks just to make an extra dollar. When I am done with your pup, I’ll call you immediately to provide a final update and let you know you pup is ready to come home. If you would like a trainer who is honest, provides updates on pup’s progress, only charges for the necessary training with no hidden costs, and gives you a HAPPY, WELL-TRAINED GUNDOG, please consider me.

Training your pup from the basics to the level of a finished gundog will only cost you $1200. This price includes birds! When I am finished, you’ll have a dog that handles in the field, is “whoa broke” with style, honors another dog (if desired), knows the “here” command, will load up, and retrieves to hand (if pup possesses/demonstrates the ability to do so). In regards to retrieving, if pup likes to carry things or really likes birds and wants to carry them, then I will have them retrieving to hand by the end of training. To specifically address “Force Breaking”: I prefer not to force break, again my method of training is positive not negative. I believe selective breeding is the best method to achieve a “natural retrieve.”

Please note when you hire me to train your gundog and training is complete, you are still welcome to contact me with your questions and concerns. As I tell my clients, we are all on this journey together. I promise to provide the best possible advice for you and your new companion.

Please contact me with any questions in regards to training. I’m more than happy to provide assistance.