Below, you’ll find personal testimonials from current clients. Please note I stress these are current clients because after you buy a gundog from me, I’m always available for training questions and concerns. I share these with you not as a brag, but as a testament to my promise to produce Quality German Shorthaired Pointers. Also, they serve to show my dedication to you and your dog. When you leave my kennel for home, please know you and pup are not alone on your journey. I am only a phone call or visit away.

Most importantly, please know these testimonies are 100% original and not altered from original submission.

If you’d like to talk to a client, please contact me and I’ll arrange for it.


See many more testimonials HERE.

Hi John,
First I would like to mention that I have never had a dog that hunts like
this. In fact I have people that have hunted with me who have been hunting
for over 30 and even 40 years and have never seen a dog like this one. Let
me give you some examples..

The first day I hunted with Jake the wind was blowing at a steady 28 MPH
with gusts up to 35 MPH. He was heading due east when something caught his
attention, he literally did a complete back flip (all four legs off the
ground) into point on a pheasant that was sitting about fifteen feet away,
took me a few moments to figure out where the bird was but Jake knew so I
just followed his nose.. Between me and my friend we shot 25 birds
following Jake’s point, our fill of Pheasant and Chukkars that first day.

His first season Jake pointed and retrieved 177 birds, I am sure would have
been more if I had more time to take him out hunting.

While of course loving my dog and knowing that he is good at what he does,
the next trial is what really proved to me that he is unique. Every year I
do a hunt for employees of the company and while I am an avid hunter, they
are not! So this year I decided I needed a couple of more dogs to cover
the field so I borrowed two dogs from the owner of the hunt club we were
at. Now these dogs hunt every day of their life so I figured that first
off Jake wouldn’t have to kill himself covering 60 acres by himself and
secondly I could see how he matches up against dogs that their daily is

I am proud to say that Jake pointed and retrieved 4 birds for every 1 of
theirs. Truly a testament to this animals ability, what I also liked is
that he honored the other dogs points and retrievals.

He is a great hunting and family dog.

As for you John. I would like to thank you for honoring your word when it
comes to what someone receives from princes quality gun dogs.

When I first called you regarding an a bird dog you asked me what I was
looking for. We have two young children and I wanted to make sure that the
dog would be a good kids dog as well as a superb hunter. unfortunately
“Cody” was grat with the family but not so well on the hunting and after
trying him for three weeks I made a call to you regarding the animal and
you immediately set up a date a week away to get a new dog, telling me to
keep Cody as well. I drove down and met you and your wife in Dodge City
and picked up Jake. I gave Cody to a family that doesn’t hunt and Jake has
become my best buddy. This is truly a testament to who you are as a person
and a business owner, you made sure that the animal I received was nothing
but the best and he is. I don’t know of many people in business that still
honor their hand shake but I am here to say that you are one of the few.
I would purchase another animal from you again and have passed your name
onto others looking for quality dogs.

Thank you very much and here are some photos of Jake for you as well.

Gabe Myers

Submitted: May 15, 2012

Jake on Point

Gabe Myers - German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy

I picked up my Bella at John’s facility at age 6 months after driving out from Rhode Island, and was invited to stay a few days to work with John, Bella and the other training assistant. I was happily surprised at the level of her skills as to the locating, holding point and all the way through the retrieve to hand. I do own other pointers and trained them myself, and what John’s team accomplishes in only six months was amazing. Bella is now two and works alone, and with other dogs extremely well, she shows respect for other dogs while backing and does not break. The Germain Short-hair turns out to be a very social and well behaved breed when the situation calls for it, and a very hard working dog on the hunt, she ranges well and works cover well. I would with no hesitation recommend Princes Quality Gun Dogs if you are in the market for a quality GSP.

Submitted by:  Tom Furtado on Apr 10, 2011

I wanted to do a followup to an earlier post about John and his quality of dogs and commitment to his customers. I received a pup from John in December of 2009 (Max the wonder dog). He helped me with the training and even hosted me in his home one night to get more training in. This last season was my first to hunt Max. I saw some issues early on and called John. He was pretty busy, but made time for me to come over and work with Max. In a very short time, he had it figured out and gave me the corrective measures. We had a great season in Missouri and Kansas. I couldn’t be more pleased with Max and with Prince’s Quality Gun dogs. I’ll be looking for a replacement pup in a few years for my older dog and have every intention of contacting John. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a good hunting, quality gun dog.

Submitted by:  Steve Lisby on Apr 8, 2011

My name is Tom Hall and I have hunted pheasant and quail behind German Short-hairs for close to 30 years. In that time I have owned one of the best bird dogs I have ever seen in a short-hair named Gus and I have owned probably the worst (due to my lack of knowledge in training at the time) and everything in between. I had almost completely stopped bird hunting for two years due to having a grandson that liked to hunt and just couldn’t bird hunt due to his young age. I had to resort to deer hunting and turkey hunting to make him happy. I also had a shorthair that had developed health problems and couldn’t hunt much more than 1 hour. Late in 2009 I decided to get a new dog for the 2010-11 season and went on-line in a search for my next dog. I found John’s site and after reading some of the testimonials (believe it or not the first that I read was about a dog named Gus) I decided to give him a call. This was in late fall of 2009 and I have always had good luck starting my dogs in the field at about 6 months so I let John know that I would be looking to buy a pup around April or May of 2010. I talked with John a couple of times that winter and really liked what he was doing and what he offers. I told him exactly what I was looking for in a pup and I can’t express how spot on he was with the pup I got. What really impressed me about John was that fact that he kept in touch to check up on my pup’s progress.
I named my pup Nick and can’t tell you enough about how happy I am. I train my own dogs to work the way I want them to. I have learned a lot in the 30 years that I have been hunting and like my dogs to not only hunt but also be great companions. I can see that Nick is going to rank right up there with Gus. I generally take two years to get my dogs doing exactly what I want even though I know it can be done quicker. Nick was quick to point, although I expect that from any GSH. But the way he works a field and pens and points birds is what has me excited. This year the birds were few and far between where I normally hunt but Nick stayed excited and enthuthiastic every minute he was in the field. I also was happy with the way he picked up backing. I actually don’t whoa train my dogs but I talk to them while they are hunting and when one of them hears me say easy they are quick to lock up. He hasn’t mastered this yet but he backs wonderfully and I am confident that he will be locking up on my voice by next year. I also don’t work my dogs on retrieving until their second year but I know this won’t be a problem with him as he has the natural instinct and loves to play in the yard with his toys.
I know this is long winded but I just want to let anyone that might be looking for a good hunting dog know that John’s dogs are a definite must see and, once again THANKS John.

Submitted by:  Tom Hall on Apr 2, 2011

I purchased my female GSP, Mage, from John Prince in August 2010. At 10 months old now, she is already an extremely good hunting dog headed for superstar status with experience. I’m extremely pleased with her and the treatment I received from John through the process of purchasing her. I spent several days on the phone and internet before speaking with John. I could feel from talking with him and his willingness to please me that I knew that was the right place to go.

John truly knows the characteristics to expect from his litters. He has obviously trained puppies from all combinations in his kennels and can lead you to the right dog for you based on what you describe as your needs. When I purchased Mage, he told me she would be smart, quick to learn, intense, great nose, and determined. She is all those things as well as loving and becoming a good house dog despite her energy level.
Mage was completely steady on point at 4.5 months and hunting wild birds from 6 months. At 9 months she located and pointed 7 coveys on public land in 76 degree weather and very dry conditions. She trailed, not visual, a wounded bird 30 yds into a ditch and another 30 yds down the ditch and pulled it from a hole in the side of the ditch. She is so steady on point that she held ground despite almost being knocked completely down by a golden retriever. She has 2 legs toward Junior Hunter and should complete the title in April. In her first Junior test she picked up a bird that had been previously wounded in much earlier braces and in retrieving pointed another bird with the one still in mouth.
Obviously I am excited about Mage. I have hunted quail for 45 years and thanks for God given fortune Mage is my fourth great wild bird dog. It especially takes a great dog this day and time to find birds on public land in SC. I recommend giving John a chance to meet your bird dog need.

Submitted by:  Danny Epting on Mar 31, 2011

I found Prince’s Quality Gun Dogs while searching websites for a good quality German Short-hair pup. I spent months reading, talking and then repeating this process with different breeders and trainers until I had reached a decision on where to purchase my GSP pup. I used to be an avid quail hunter until I had to retire my favorite bird dog. My sons have been after me to get back into hunting upland birds so that they too could experience the trill of the hunt, but more importantly watch a good dog work. I have had several different breeds of bird dogs in the past, but had my mind set on the GSP breed. After talking on the phone and then e-mailing back and forth I made my decision that John Prince was the gentleman that I definitely wanted to buy my pup from. When talking to John on the phone he seemed to understand the type of dog that I was interested in and had several suggestions on what I needed to look for in a pup, even if I did not buy one of his pups. Another quality that I liked about John was that he was honest and sincere in all of our discussions. He stated that he had a pup that fit the profile of what I was interested in, so we set up an appointment to look at him. John had already sent me pics of several of his pups that he thought I might be interested in, so I already knew what they would look like, I just did not know if they would do everything that John said they were already doing in the field. When we got their John was true to his word on how this pup was already pointing and retrieving birds. I was amazed at how good this little pup was performing and knew that I was not going to leave without him. One of the other selling points for me was that John told me that even after I purchase the pup, I would always be able to call for advice on training him and that I could bring my dog back as often as I wanted so that John could personally train him. That part of the deal was a great benefit to me a I live only about an hour away form John.I brought my new companion to John several times and was amazed each time at the progress that was achieved. John had him whoa broke in one training session and always commented on how good a nose he had for the birds and the tremendous fire in him to go find the birds. When it came time for our first hunt I was a little nervous because we were going to to be around a lot of my family on a pheasant hunt, but he made me proud. He stayed close, but not too close, found the birds, held them of point and then retrieved them. I forgot how much fun it was to watch you own dog working to find birds. I took my sons on several quail hunts this season and he found birds for us on almost every hunt. We are already looking forward to the next hunting trip.

I would strongly recommend Prince’s Quality Gun Dogs for anyone that is interested in not only purchasing a top class hunting dog that will amaze you, but also the years of training and breeding experience that John Prince can give you.

Submitted by:  Elvis Castor on Mar 25, 2011

I bought a pup from Prince’s Quality Gun dogs 15 yrs ago. I took him home when he was 12 wks old and he was pointing quail in a pen on the ground naturally. I worked with him a little in the yard on wings and a little formal training. Well, it was time to go hunting. At 6 mo of age we went to hunt wild quail, I let him out of the truck and he went on point about 20 ft from the truck. I walked in flushed the covey without any movement from him what so ever. We continued hunting and he pointed 2 more singles, I was amazed at what he was doing at such an early age. From that point on he was just a NATURAL. He was by far the best dog I have ever owned. I hunted with a guy from the KC area who had 3 English Setters in the field and I had my 6 mo. old pup. When the day was done the guy could not believe my pup was just 6 months of age. He out performed the other dogs to both of our amazement. As time passed he became better and better and again was the best dog I have ever owned. Gabe has since passed and have not owned a dog for awhile now but am ready to purchase my next GSP from John at Prince’s Quality Gun Dogs. I know that the next one will be just as great and will keep you posted on his abilities.

Submitted by:  Jim Hutchens on Feb 12, 2011

We thought we’d drop you a quick note to tell you about how wonderful our dog, Marley is. We purchased Marley from you in February 2010. She has been a joy to our home. We recently took her pheasant hunting with us a few weeks ago for her first time. With in 10 minuets of walking through the field she found and pointed a bird. She then held the bird until my husband was over her. My husband said “get it” and she flushed the bird immediately. She was an amazing hunter and caught on quicker than our other short hairs did. What made her field work so impressive is that we have not had the time to work with her at home very much. She just knew what she was supposed to do. She also retrieves pheasant in the field, this is something that we are still working with our two 3 year old short hairs on. Marley loves to play fetch and has loved it since she was 10 weeks old, it was quite a site to see, a 10 week old puppy retrieving. She potty trained quicker than any dog we’ve ever had. While we are still working on the house breaking, she is getting better with the chewing. She is a very sweet, very happy dog and she is a loved member of our household. Thanks again, John for the wonderful dog!

Kristy & Nick Ownby

Submitted:  Jan 1, 2011

My name is Darrell York I am a NAVHDA SR judge. I have been raising, training & hunting GSPs for 27 years. I have trained handled and produced several versatile champions and UT P-1 dogs.
A year and half ago I lost my VC prematurely this left a hole in my line I couldn’t fill with my own dogs. To my relief my dear friend and training partner Jim Levins had been following John’s kennel & blood lines.  I contacted John and we spoke several times. I don’t know if this ever happened to you before, but I immediately realized I had met a friend for life not just someone I was going to buy a pup from.  I took delivery of a wonderful little bitch we named Lil. My 9 year old daughter and I started training for the hunting season and a natural ability test.  My nine year old daughter handled this 5 month old pump to a maximum score 112 P-1.  Few dogs have the physical & mental stability to take this test at this age, add to that 9 year old handling and you can see pup with some special potential.
The pup was awesome all hunting season producing several grouse, woodcock and pheasants also backing a brace mate naturally.  This year I tested her in Utility.  At the age of 1 year and 5 months. She scored a maximum 204 P-1, My 2 time UT male stud dog scored 201 P-1.  I am first and foremost a hunter and this little bitch John sold will produce game and retrieve waterfowl better than any lab, golden, or Chessie ever bred.  If you want a good pup from a good man I would buy from John in a heart beat. I sell dogs and train in an amateur manner so I guess at some level I am promoting my competition but in world of poor dog breeders and trainers I believe there will always be plenty of room for the few truly exceptional ones.

I believe John Prince is exceptional.

Submitted by: Darrell York

Casey on Point

York - German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy

I have a previous post with my thoughts on John and his outstanding dogs. I need to add my most recent experience with Casey my 11 month old German Shorthair I bought from John as a puppy. I just returned from South Dakota hunting here as she preformed like a dream. We hunted 5 days and Casey had the drive and retrieve to make a showing anyone would be proud of. Now this came out of a 11 month old that ran with Dogs 4,5 and 8 years of age and she was the most impressive dog in the field. Casey is holding her points rock solid, retrieving to hand and on one occassion marked, found and retrieved a bird over 40 yards away and in tall grass over 6 foot tall. What John Prince says you can take it to the bank he is the real deal and after the hunt my partners all said we hope you know how lucky you are to have a young dog preforming like that. I said thank you and no I am lucky to have a dog from Prince’s Quality Gun Dogs. I could not be more pleased about my young female and I am now looking to add another pup from John. You simply can not hope for a better breeder or person to get to know and hunt over his dogs.

Submitted by:   Jack Petty

Jack Patty - German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy

Honest, Straight Feedback, Weekly Updates, Good Value, Great Methods! All of these are comments I would like to share about my experience working with John Prince.

I had reached out to John within a week of picking up my new Vizsla puppy. John was selected out of a group of 5 trainers that I talked with because I believed his philosophy lined up with mine about how to train a “softer” breed of dog in a Vizsla.

John and I stayed in contact as to the pups development until it was time on July 1 to take “Guy” to bird dog school. Our line of Vizsla’s, this is the fifth generation of breedings we’ve done, is notorious for being late maturing. This later maturing dog is the opposite of John’s breeding program for GSP’s.

Guy definitely fit the later maturing trend we had seen, BUT through John’s training methods he helped the pup start attaching neurons in his brain through the training process.
Having had dogs professionally trained before and paying for 4-5 months of training each, you can understand how surprised I was when after exactly one month, Guy had been transformed from “late maturing” and not ready to handle the training to a started dog that will find, point, whoa, load up, turn, handle, honor, come and all other commands a started dog should do. Even better, it was all accomplished in 1 Month for $400.

Start with good genetics, add in a little dose of John Prince and I have a bird dog ready to go for this fall!

Thanks John.

Submitted by:   Mark Esfeld on Aug 11, 2010

Guy on Point

Vizla - German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy

I have been hunting birds in Missouri and Kansas for over forty years. During this time I have owned

“most productive of good : offering or producing the greatest advantage, utility, or satisfaction.”– This is the definition of the word “best,” and the next time I look for this word in Webster, I expect to see a 8×10 picture of John prince. This is my story.  At the end of last year’s pheasant season I lost my best friend, a German Shorthair Pointer named Streaker, a grandson to John’s best friend Sauly. I’m sure most bird hunters know what it is like to lose a bird finding machine, I was devastated. I knew the following season was coming, so I didn’t want to waist much time, because I wanted to have that felling of having the best again. I really didn’t know where to look, but I began my search for a new puppy so that I can at the least have it started for the beginning of pheasant, and quail season. I ended up with a hustler pup I named Zek.  Zek was a lot different than I was used to in every way, he always wanted to be under my feet, not easily excited, in other word, a big lazy puppy, and I was getting nervous.  I thought I had bought a slug. I knew now I was going to need some help with this one.  Surfing the net, I found Prince Quality Gun Dogs, and after talking to John for the first time for over a hour I new who going to train my new slug.

John was very knowledgeable about the breed, and explain to me what type of pup I had purchased. When Zek was five months old I took him to visit John, just to get him acclimated to birds. John only wanted to keep him for three weeks, and we would start the second leg of training when Zek reached 8-9 months old. When we got to Pittsburg, KS John wanted to spend some time with Zek just to see what he was like, and after a little examination, we found out that Zek had a lazy point on point, no bird drive, in other words big lazy puppy.  My head hanging low, I jumped in my truck and headed west back to Wichita.  Like I said early in this story, John only wanted Zek for three weeks, but during these three weeks we had lots of rain limiting the time John had to train. After the three weeks was up , I knew I had to go get Zek, so I jumped in my truck and headed east back to Pittsburg. What I saw with my own eyes when I got to Pittsburg was amazing Zek was a totally different animal. In less than three weeks, because of all the rain remember, John had that lazy pup, here broke, finding and pointing his birds with intensity, and 30-40 water retrieves. After seeing that I new I had found my trainer for life. This is why I think John Prince is the best my eyes have ever seen.

Submitted by:  Marvin Dawson on Jun 24, 2009

WOW!!!!!! I could not be any happier with my new bird dog!!! “Prince’s 12 Gauge Obsession.”  Back around February 2009 I did some research on internet and came across Prince’s Quality Gun Dogs.  I called up and talked with a very nice man.  He introduced himself as John Prince. We talked several times.  He answered all my questions and talked with lots of confidence in his breed of dogs.

Now, I wanted to get a lot out of a dog. I needed to have one that would work fairly close, would be great around my children, and retrieve out of water and white/liver. Anyway John was very honest with me. I live in Maine and only could talk with him on phone and trust that he would be giving me the right dog. He told me that he had the right dog for me and my family. But One downfall was that the dog didn’t really like the water that well. He said he would continue to work him and try to get him to retrieve out of water. Sure enough two days before my flight he told me that he had an extra for me. My dog was retrieving to hand from water. I set up a flight for July 26, 2009 to come to Kansas and pick up my new dog. He told me I could stay at his home with his family. This was unbelievable, they didn’t know me from Adam.

When I arrived I was treated fabulous. We ate very well. They took me out to some great restaurants.  When I first met Gauge, I couldn’t believe how beautiful and calm he was. John showed me everything this dog could do. He had him pointing, whoa broke, retrieving to hand every time. When he took me to his pond and through a bird out into the water, Gauge jumped in and grabbed that bird over and over and over and brought it back to my hand every time. It was so awesome to watch Gauge, I could not be any happier. Thank You very much John for all your hospitality and hard work training me the perfect gun dog.  It was a pleasure meeting your helper Carl and your family and friends.

Submitted by:  Rick Haskell on Jun 28, 2009

Gauge shows he can retrieve ducks too!

Gauge - German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy

Recently I purchased a German Shorthair named Daisy from John Prince. I talked to John approx. 9 months before we got Daisy because John wanted to make sure she was the right dog for me and my family. John certainly got it right, she is everything that I expected and then some. When I got her she was whoa broke, here broke, crate broke, points birds, retrieves to hand, not to mention just a great family dog with a very calm demeanor (especially for just 10 months). I am waiting for chukar but I have shot pigeons over Daisy and she was just awesome! John was honest and definitely did everything he said he would do. I would recommend John and his dogs to anyone looking for a bird dog and a family dog as well.

Submitted by:  Denny Tallman on May 26, 2009

Daisy on a pigeon retrieve

Tallman - German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy

My family and I have owned several different breeds of dogs over the past 20 years. After not having a dog for over a year, we decided that we wanted to find a good quality hunting dog/family pet. I wanted to get back into bird hunting again after a very long hiatus. Additionally, I wanted to introduce my wife to the joy and excitement of hunting. We did some research and decided that a German Short Hair Pointer was the breed we were most interested in. Not only are they beautiful dogs, but also they are renowned for their intelligence and great hunting ability. Fortunately, after doing some extensive online research (thank goodness for the internet!), we came across the web site for Prince’s Quality Gun Dogs, owned and operated by John Prince. We contacted John and immediately “hit it off” with him. Not only is John a very nice and friendly individual, he also possesses an absolute wealth of knowledge in the areas of breeding and training of GSPs. Moreover, John freely shares his knowledge and experience in a way a novice can understand. Even though John lives a whole state away (we live in CO, John lives in KS 700+ miles away) we knew right away that we wanted to work with John and buy one of his magnificent GSPs. To illustrate the type of people that John and Judy Prince are, they actually offered us a room in their home while we were in town meeting our new pup and picking John’s brain. That type of thing just doesn’t happen anymore! Although we shared numerous emails and phone conversations, we really were no more than strangers. John and Judy’s hospitality is something my wife and I will never forget and turned our time there into a mini-vacation. The dog we bought from John has turned out to be far more than we had hoped. He is not only beautiful and vastly intelligent compared to any other breeds we’ve been around; he is also a great family pet too! Our 10-year-old son plays with him for hours until he becomes too tired to play anymore (our son…not Gunnar!). We recently brought Gunnie back to John for training. After only spending approximately 3-4 weeks training him, John told us he was ready to be picked up. We spent another mini-vacation at John and Judy’s house and were completely floored when John showed us everything Gunnie can now do. He is completely HERE and WHOA broke. He fetches to hand every time and he does everything with style and grace. It’s hard to believe our pup basically became a full-fledged hunting dog in such a short period of time. We took Gunnie out to the hunting preserve this weekend. I purchased three Chukars and placed them in the field. Gunnie quickly pointed all three birds and help point without any direction from me. He also fetched all three birds with very little coaxing. We wouldn’t buy a GSP from anyone other than John Prince! He is a man of his word and doesn’t say anything he can’t completely back up. John has my contact information and I have instructed him to provide to anyone that may have questions about the quality of his GSPS, or his training abilities. If you are looking for the ideal hunting dog/family pet, look no further than Prince’s Quality Gun Dogs and John Prince.

Submitted by:  Rich Bryer on May 11, 2009


Bryer - German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy

This testimonial is way over due, but better late than never. I purchased a male GSP pup from John over a year ago, I had called and talked to John many times, some breeders just run a puppy factory, it is my testimony that John not only knows what his doing, he is doing with the right attitude towards the breed, and that is to better it. my pup is everything John told me it would be and more, this pup loves to retrieve ALL DAY LONG,
I have a pigeon that I use to train with, this pup will retrieve and retrieve, that same pigeon is in my loft still today and I still train with it, he has a very soft mouth. he is very stylish on point, head up, 12:00 tail. John is the real deal and so are his dog’s. John I’m sorry it took me so long to send this, the only other thing I could ask, if you would send some brids out here to Utah we have NONE!!!!!! thanks for everthing.
M Hogan

Submitted by:  Mark Hogan on Mar 16, 2009

My name is Ryan Warden and last spring I began the search for a GSP. I have a guide service “Misty Morning Outfitters, LLC” and we were going to start guiding upland game very heavy the next fall. I called Prince’s Quality Gun Dogs to see if he had a started pup with the idea it may be old enough to perform “ok” the first season. He talked me into a pup that was not going to be born for another two months. I was very nervous but was assured the dog would out perform veterans in the same field the first season. The dog was going to be 5-6 months opening weekend but I bought it anyway. I was also told the dog would naturally retrieve also. Ha! This guy is really talking these dogs up and they are not even born. Oh well I thought I will do it if the dog is bad the first season I would have an excuse since he was going to be so young. I drove to pick out my pup and it was hard they all looked good and pointed quail he had on the site. They all will pretty much do that so big deal I thought. I left with the dog and worked with him twice a week in the back yard sometimes not even that much. I was stressing I had no time to teach this dog anything and it was going to be a train wreck and partially my fault. Two weeks before season I put him on live birds that were planted. The first one he pointed hard at 20 yards. I thought no way. The points only got better and harder and about ten gun shots, four pigeons, and two retrieving sessions later it was opening weekend. Oh crap I thought we are not ready but is showing hope. Opening weekend on a controlled shooting area he pointed, held the point, and retrieved 211 birds. Not directly to my hand on the retrieves but ran around with it til’ he got close enough. Not a hard mouth just proud of our work. He could barely get those roosters in his mouth. We completed a season and by the time he was 6 and half months old people were offering to buy him, wanting to breed him, and joking about taking him when they left. It was no joke now this dog was a machine. Retrieving strait to hand holding points while we shot birds that other dogs were pointing the whole nine yards. And as far as out hunting veterans. Made people talk about getting rid of there dog and getting one like mine. John made big promises, really big I thought at sometimes, but every one was true. One was that anyone that buys a dog from him always buys a second one. I hated GSP but now I love them and take him everywhere with me. I just purchased a second dog from him in the last week here. Don’t hesitate when it comes to buying a GSP pup from John Prince. He will treat you better then right and his dogs will do better then great. I had no desire to get a second dog so quick but with the first one being such low maintenance I can run a second one really easy. My dogs name is “Todd” and I should have called something more flashy for such an awesome dog. Don’t hesitate John will promise you won’t regret it and so will I now. Thanks John!

Submitted by:  Ryan Warden on Feb 24, 2009

Todd in Action

Ryan Warden - German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy

I purchased my gun dog – Cash – back in September at 9 weeks old. John was great at having multiple discussions with me to ensure that he knew the kind of dog I was looking for. You could immediately tell how professional and serious he was about breeding and selling a quality dog. When I got my puppy, he was immediately able to point and retrieve. By 5 months of age, he was able to point and retrieve many birds during one hunt. He has a great personality, is very focused/attentive and extremely trainable – both in hunting and non-hunting tasks. John has been great to work with and has made this a super experience. He delivers everything he says he will in the quality of puppy you receive. He is always willing to help and sticks to his word.

Submitted by:  Gary Bales on Feb 25, 2009

Cash on Point

Cash Gary Bales - German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy

I found John via his website while looking for a shorthair pup. I called John and visited for quite awhile about pups.  What I like about John is he took the time to answer all my questions and it was like talking to someone I’ve known all my life. I went down to Johns place to look at some dogs and I was amazed at what I saw with a 5 month old pup he had been training. He worked better than most of the broke dogs I’ve hunted over. I had never bought a dog in my life and wasn’t sure I wanted to. But he had a 3 month old female that I really liked that he hadn’t done anything with yet. I ended up leaving with out buying a pup but just couldn’t take it I had to have it so I called John up and told him I would take her. I was scared I wouldn’t be able to train it but to my surprise this pup had more natural ability than I ever will have trainer in me. She is so smart with a few phone calls to John I had her whoa broke and her first time out she pointed pigeons like a champ I was so amazed I went home got my video camera and started shooting because I knew no one was going to believe me they are on YouTube if you want to see them type in kcbirddog in search there are 4 or 5 videos showing her first 3 or 4 times out. Last week I took her to a BDC tournament hunter event and entered her in top gun puppy class and the amateur division she won the puppy class and finished 3rd in amateur because of my shooting skills. I cost her 1st in that division. She was the youngest dog there at 6 months all the other dogs in puppy class were 1 1/2 to 2 years old.  She’s also a great family dog she stays in the house most of the time with are 2 Chihuahuas. Needless to say I would buy another dog from John in a heart beat best money I ever spent. Thanks John for all your help and a Great Dog.

Submitted by: Terry Schafer on Feb 21, 2009

I contacted John when I saw his ad on the internet and talked to him about his kennel. We discussed what I required in a dog. John was very informative and I felt very comfortable talking with him. My requirements were that the dog work closely ( I’m 61 years old), retrieve in water, was calm and that it would also be part of the family. John assured me his dogs do all of this and more. I ordered a pup sight unseen and not yet born. John called me after the pup (Katy) was born and kept me up to date with her progress. At 4 1/2 months he sent me a picture of her retrieving in water. I was so impressed I decided to visit John and have him train my other shorthair (Rowdy was a 1 year old male house/backyard dog). I left Rowdy and returned 2 months later after another 2000 mile round trip from Arizona to work with John and bring the dogs home. Both of the dogs were holding their points, were whoa broke and retrieving in water. Katy and Rowdy get along well with our 3 yorkies. Yes, they both use the yorky doggie door! I see many years of enjoyable hunting with my dogs now. I highly recommend John.

Submitted by:  Gary and Sharon Lamb on Aug 29, 2008

Hey John,

Coosa is the best dog  I have ever had!!!! he is all
natural and is already out hunting dogs that are 2 and 3 years old. he is
whoa broke, retrieves (land and water) to hand, he has never even busted a
bird yet, is here broke and doesn’t even wear a shock collar anymore.  He
never really needed any “training” he was just that natural.  we let him
hunt on a quail preserve with this guy who had GSP that were 1 and 2 years
old and he had to leave them on a leash b/c they kept busting birds.
Coosa held one bird for over 15 min and he was only 7 months at the time.
He is awesome.  he has also turned into a beautiful dog.  everyone wants
to buy him from me.  I always give them your number.  cant wait to keep
hunting him. all i can say is thank you, thank you, thank
Christopher K. Poe

Submitted by:  Christopher K. Poe

I was doing some research for my next GSP when I found John’s web site. I was looking for a started dog and John was advertising one on his website in my price range. I called John and after spending an hour on the phone with him, I decided to set up a visit to see the dog. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make the long drive so we continued to talk about what I was looking for, how I hunt and what I need in a dog. John was very knowledgeable, thorough and honest. After talking for another hour on the phone we mutually decided that this was not the right dog for me and my young family. I was impressed with John’s honesty and integrity. I asked John if he could recommend any other kennels. He said, “give me a couple of days” and he would call me back. Well, thinking that I would never here from John again I started calling around. I had actually worked out a deal with a different kennel when John called me back. John told me about Ted Myer of VZ Kennels in Ohio. He said he had bought a female from Ted earlier that year and he was really impressed with her. Ted had two males left (at that point they were already 7 months old). John thought either one of these two dogs would be exactly what I was looking for. John explained that it’s difficult to find a started dog in my price range but buying this little older pup and letting John do the training would be the best way for me to get what I was looking for. So, I called Ted and after working out a deal to buy Tank from Ted, John and I arranged to have Tank sent to him for training. John and I talked every week during the training and he was gracious enough to take time out of his busy schedule to talk to me every time I called looking for an update on Tank. When Tank’s training was complete I anxiously made the trip to Kansas. I was thoroughly impressed with Tank and he continues to live up to everything John promised….and more! Tank is a quality bred dog with great genetic background, not to mention fantastically trained.

My experience with John has been fantastic! I had never bought a dog unseen before but John and Ted of VZ Kennels made this a great experience for me and my family. I would recommend John and Ted to anybody! Thanks again for everything.

Jeff Rieck

Submitted: Aug 19 2008

Tank on Point

Rieck - German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy

I have been hunting birds in Missouri and Kansas for over forty years. During this time I have owned several dogs of various breeds, some good and some not so good. I currently have two GSP’s that are reaching the end of their hunting days. I have been looking for over two years for the dog to replace my old dogs. I have looked at many web sites and talked to different breeders in the process of trying to decide on my next dog. After reading about John Prince’s operation and dogs, I was intrigued, could this man be true? Were his dogs as good as reported? I called and talked to John extensively about his dogs and my needs. Eventually, over the phone, I agree to purchase an eleven month old dog that John had been working with. We arranged a time for me to look at the dog and pick him up. I traveled to Kansas and watched John work “Jake” my next star. He was all that John described and more. I also had the opportunity to look at some of John’s other young puppies that were doing amazing things for their age. I recommend John Prince and his kennel to anyone looking for a quality GSP that will start early and will be easy to handle. If something happens to one of my older dogs, I know where I will go to get a new pup. I am excited about the prospects of this season and the opportunity to get Jake into a lot of birds.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions about my experience with John.

Submitted by:  Murray Hardesty on Jul 25, 2008

I bought a pup here in Ohio and wanted to get him trained, so I started looking and calling and E-Mailing kennels to see what I could get going. So after contact after contact I ran across John’s add and gave him a call. I read his Testimonials, talked to him on the phone and decided to send my pup to him and have him trained. Well after 8 weeks and my pup only being 8 months of age he said he was done and ready to go home. That being said I had to wait a couple of weeks to get time off from work to go and pick him up. John told me that was fine and he would keep the pup for no extra charge….Now who would do that right. So I went and picked my pup up and he showed me just how trained my pup was. Here Broke,Whoa Broke you could put a bird in front of him or on him and he would not move, Kennel on command and Fetch the birds he shot Naturally. So as you can tell it has been a pleasure to deal with John and the results were great and now I have a pup to hunt with for many years. Thanks to John Prince at Prince’s Quality Gun Dogs in Kansas.

Submitted by:  Tom Johnson on Jul 14, 2008

On Point

Tom Johnson - German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy

I must share my experience with all gun dog owners and especially and one looking for not just a hunting dog but a superior hunting partner for many years. I came to know John 9 months ago during my research to purchase not only my first gun dog but a family companion. I contacted John and just wanted some information on him and his kennels and the dogs he produces. John spent several hours on the phone telling me about himself, his kennels and more importantly his positive approach to raising and training shorthairs. During this time John said to me “Jack you are welcome to come to my home and stay with me to view the parents, other dogs and any puppies you wish” I was absolutely shocked beyond belief. What person this day in age is willing to open up there home to let someone they had only spoken to over the phone come into there home and see first hand there kennel operation. I quickly came to think this is an outstanding person who is not only committed to raising and training great gun dogs but someone who cared about people and his dogs along with the individuals new partner. After picking out a puppy from John and not being able to travel due to weather issues we made arrangements to ship the dog with John’s promise to always be available for anything when ever I needed anything. My female arrived and I could not have been more pleased with Casey. Well I now need to share as Casey is 8 months old I just got back from taking John up on his offer to visit Kansas and learn from him but also spend time as he trained my pup. I must admit in my wildest dreams what John was able to do with my pup in 2 short days was the most incredible dog training one could ever hope for. You need to see it to believe it it dang near was the most professional training I have ever seen. John had Casey whoa broke, retrieving to hand, handling in the field and not chasing birds in the short time. She was performing like a dream and I could not be more proud of her but astonished at the mans knowledge, help and training but his willingness to not only work with Casey but also with me. I was simply blown away by the accomplishments of Casey and how John’s teaching was 100% positive with her and the field. She not only has continued on in her success but is a totally more positive in the house with our young children also. The type of dog John has is about natural ability and positive with outstanding behavior and temperament. I can tell you when you speak to John there is not a more honest, real and helpful person I have ever meet in my life. I must say THANK YOU JOHN PRINCE for not only providing me a awesome dog for years to come but for your help, teaching and time to visit with you and stay in your home but this breeder is the real deal and a heck of a person. I am looking forward to my future in the field with Casey and also adding a future shorthair to the family but also the friend I have made. If you should ever desire to speak to me call John and he can get you in touch with me and I will share more positive thoughts about John and his dogs. You need to see his dogs and the passion he has not only to produce a great gun dog but an awesome gun dog. It simply does not get any better than John and the dogs he has and produces. Thanks a million John for everything.

Submitted by:  Jack Patty on Jun 30, 2008

I was looking on the internet when I came across John’s site. I started looking at it and started reading the testimonials. So I thought “too good to be true”, boy was I wrong. I called John and it was like I had known him for years. We talked about the pups that he had and the dogs that were in his kennel. I told John that I wanted a dog that would work close to me and would not just take off and leave me behind. John promised that not only would my dog be everything I wanted but more. I could not wait to see for myself. One month later I went to go pick up Gus. John took me out and showed me some quick training tips while we were there. This pup has been everything and more that John promised. On the 500+ mile trip home if Gus wanted out of the carrier to do his business he would just give one little wimper, pull over get him out does his business and back in the carrier, no fuss at all. This happened all the way home, 12 plus hours of driving. I brought him home and had him on pigeons the next week. Gus was pointing birds from 15-20 feet away. Solid points tail up and rock solid. My buddy could not believe it, only 2 months old and he was out working dogs that were 6 months old. Everyone asks where did you get that dog, and all I can say is Prince’s Kennels. Gus is now 7 months old and has been with me on Pheasants and quail, and NEVER flinched when fired over him. I am so impressed with this pup that I am already planning my next trip to Kansas to see John again.

Submitted by:  Richie Gonzales on Jan 26, 2008

Gus on Point

Gus - German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy

After searching the web a couple of months for a GSP puppy, my nephew Greg told me that I should call John Prince. In our first phone conversation I told john that I was looking for an easily trainable GSP puppy that was predominantly white in color with a solid brown head and a high tail. John laughed and said that if that was all I wanted, he could fix me up as he had several upcoming litters.

The next time we spoke, John said that he had just the puppy I was looking for. I purchased “Lola” sight unseen.

When bird season opened in Southern California, Lola was just six months old. Since she would respond to “come”, “Kennel” and “whoa” on command, my nephew Greg and I decided that it was time to take her hunting. On her first wild chukar hunt, Lola was the first of our four dogs to point. She also retrieved the first chukar we had shot. That same week Lola also pointed and retrieved wild quail. She is not only quick to learn, but she is also the best looking dog on the block!

John Prince is just a phone call away and he is always ready to answer my questions and share training tips. In addition, he calls me periodically to see how Lola is coming along.

My nephew and I are both impressed with John’s concern for his dogs after they leave the kennel.

Rod Batchelor

Southern California

Submitted: Jan 15, 2008




Submitted: Jan 6, 2008

HI, My name is Don Ivy and through gun dog I’ve made a fine purchase of a Bird dog. I bought JAG, a 21 month old male german short hair pointer from Prince’s Quality Gun Dogs in Sept. of 2007. He is a complete package for me, a very good bird dog and a well behaved house pet at a reasonable price and delivered to you safely. I’ll be the first to admit that I was bit skeptical about buying a dog online, but after speaking with the owner John Prince I decided to give him a shot, and john delivered the goods. I would highly recommend john for a dog purchase, for the simple fact that john was honest and delivered exactly what I needed in a gundog and companion. thanks john


Don Ivy

Submitted: Dec 24, 2007

I have known John for several years, I met him while quail hunting in Kansas. I also own GSP,s. Between John’s studs and my females, we have shared a few litters of pups. John’s dogs are all natural, and his training is second to none. His experience has helped me become a better trainer for my dog’s, John is always there for any questions or extra training. I feel he takes special interest in his dogs, he goes above and beyond to produce a quality product, even after they leave his kennel. I consider John a friend to my family and I, and will always return to John and his kennel for future pups. Thanks John

Submitted by: Brad Walker on Dec 19, 2007

I contacted John about a GSP puppy in early Feburary in 2007. John gave me the information on two litters that he was expecting to be on the ground in early April. I had been in the market for over a year and since this was going to be a gundog along with a member of the family I was going to cover all my bases(I could not afford a mistake). Based on my very specific criteria John and I chose one of the two litters which was a repeat breeding. I asked John for references and he obliged me very promptly with 4 different names. As I expected all four gave me rave reviews with one actually excited to know about the upcoming litter and wanting to get his name on the list. John assured me that these puppies were going to be natural gundogs.

I write this letter in early December 2007. This puppy has proven true to Johns words. I started her on pen raised birds she pointed her first quail at around 3 months of age. We began killing birds over her at around 4 and 1/2 months and she was “hunting dead” and retreiving them back to me at that point. Today we have been in the field hunting wild birds with her and the older dogs for over a month. She has been very cautious and is steadily improving with each time out. She has been on both ends, pointing birds while the other dogs “back” her and “backing” with the other dogs on point.

I would like to thank John for his honesty and patience while I did my research. The bottom line is I found the person from whom I will purchase my next dog when I purchased this dog in April.

Submitted: Matt Martin on Dec 7, 2007

I visited John, January 2007, and saw the litter of puppies I got my pup out of. The temperature was below freezing and icy conditions. John said he liked working with his dogs and he proved it that day. We stayed outside for about 3 hours as he showed me his dogs. I was impressed. The dogs were eager to work and did not mind the harsh conditions. I picked up my puppy the middle of February and have been impressed the entire time. She is constantly after birds and very stylish pointing with a 12 O’clock tail. She enjoys water and is always ready to go.

I have enjoyed how quickly she scents birds in the fields and how well she handles her points for a puppy. I just visited John this past week and my puppy Zoe pointed the fist quail and held her point till we flushed the bird. The second quail we thought that she was running in a heavily vegetated area and we could not see her. We stood there for about 5 minutes looking for her and talking about where she could be. I stepped to my right about 5 yards and saw her locked up on point. The next 3 birds we very similar. Zoe is VERY intense on birds to say the least and still easily trained.

John has bred excellent GSPs and is very helpful and ready to train dogs.

In closing, the quality of dogs that John breeds is that of the high dollar kennels we all so often hear about but can not afford a dog from.

Thanks John,


Submitted by: Dean Montgomery on Oct 23, 2007

Dean’s son, Tyler and Zoe

Dean - German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy

I purchased my second GSP from John 7 years ago. My first had been a large male from the Boston area that was very difficult to manage. After being away from GSP?s for several years I contacted John via a mutual business acquaintance. I have to second several of the other testimonials that John is an honest guy, a radically different experience pre and post purchase from my pervious GSP experiences.

I was looking for an exceptional bird dog but also realize that 80% of the year the dog would be living with the family in the house and most importantly with my wife and young children. I spent a lot of time interviewing breeders and looking at pups. In the end I was so impressed with John that I purchased Piper without physically meeting John or seeing the dog.

John paired us up perfectly with a wonderfully tempered female. She is a joy in the house and very aggressive yet a close worker in the field. We hunt public land with stocked birds and lots of pressure so it?s important that your dog stay close. I am always impressed how Piper picks up birds that other dogs run right past. So much so that I usually hang back in the parking lots and let the other hunters get 15 min ahead of us.

My two boys are now 14 and 16 and they have learned how to hunt pheasant over Piper. My greatest joy hunting happened last year while the men in the group where taking a water break, Piper pealed off into the brush nose down and my then 15 year old took his first solo Rooster over her. Perfect point, hold and retrieve.

John was a great help early on with training advice and has stayed in contact over the years checking in periodically to ask how things are going.

My next GSP will be from John Price.


Ed Osowski

Submitted: 7 Sep 2007

I have been raising and training bird dogs since 1973. John called me because he was looking for a started dog for a client. After four hours of talking to John, I decided he had the kind of dogs I would like to breed my female to. He sent me pictures of some gorgeous stud dogs. And then I knew for sure I had to take my female to him.

I drove up to Pittsburg from Arkansas when my female came into season. John was a very gracious host and gave me a place to stay for the next 3 days. I learned more about dog training in the next 3 days than I ever had before. It was very insightful watching John take dogs that had been nothing but pets and turn them into nice working dogs. He has all the skills and the facilities required to take an untrained dog into a full blown bird dog. I will never take a dog that needs training to anyone else again. My wife is deathly allergic to dogs so it much easier to let someone else train my dog for me.

I would recommend John to anyone who has a dog that needs training. I also watched 4 month old pups pointing birds. If you need a great puppy who is a natural bird dog (doesn’t need to be force broke for anything) then John is the person you need to see.

Submitted by:  Dennis Jameson 5 Sep 2007

I purchased my GSP (Abby) sight unseen from Mr. Prince and it has been nothing but a great experience. Abby did everything John said she would do and more. I have nothing but good to say about Prince’s Quality dogs and look forward to my next purchase from John. (Cuz will enjoy hunting behind the lead dog this year). Thanks John

Submitted by: Tommie Robinson on 30 Jul 2007

Hello John,

Your dog is wonderful, he is a joy to watch working and is a faithful

and loving companion to us all. He adores Jonathon and my son,

hopefully you will see the picture oft them in the hammock in the yard!

but he seems to be most bonded to me, perhaps because I do most work

with him. He is very gentle at home and is very content with our Border

Collie who he has grown up with. As for a working dog, people here say

they have never seen such an amazing young GSP, he is truly


I’m glad to see so much good feedback on your website. I posted my

feedback so I hope that goes down well. Everyone here loves the

dog…like I said if we didn’t already have 2 we would love another,

but 2 is our maximum!

I hope all continues to go well for you throughout the rest of the


Best regards,

Lucinda Wright

Frodo - German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy Frodo - German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy

My husband and I decided we were finally ready to add a dog to our house. After doing about 5 months of research and working with our closest family friend who is a vet in Connecticut we decided a German Shorthaired Pointer would be an excellent dog for us. We are not hunters, but I am a runner and wanted a dog who would exercise with me. I found John on this site and found him a pleasure to work with. He was willing to our address our needs and find the right litter for us to find a puppy that was the best fit. John answered all of our questions and was willing to speak to our family friend to answer all of her questions as well. We visited John’s kennel once prior to the litter’s arrival and were impressed with his knowledge. Murphy has been with us for about 4 weeks and we can’t imagine not having him. He is very intelligent. He taught himself to retrieve toys and will bring back almost everything thrown to him without even being called too. Of course we think he is the most beautiful dog ever, but he gets comments from everyone at the weekly farmer’s market as well. We are truly lucky to have found John and his puppies and would recommend him to anyone looking for a dog.

Submitted by: Holly Perkins on 28 Jul 2007

I bought a GSP puppy from John Prince in June of 2006. I have never owned a bird dog much less trained one, but I wanted to try as we are trying to re-establish quail on a friend’s farm in South Arkansas. John asked if I wanted the dog for a pet or to hunt with. I told him I wanted one that would be good for both. He said he had one that he thought I would like. Sasha was pointing quail wings at 9 weeks of age and was retrieving anything thrown for her at 11 weeks of age. She retrieved doves shot over her at 4 months of age. Although I have not had the opportunity to get her in wild birds, she has never failed to point or retrieve any of the numerous birds I have put out in the fields for her. She is a pure joy to watch and hunt with. She also has a very soft mouth. Whenever quail or chukars have escaped from the pen, she has never failed to find any of them and has always returned them to me totally unharmed. I recently had the opportunity to hunt her with another dog for the first time and to my amazement she honored his point and backed him perfectly.

As for a pet, she is a house dog and is the most docile and loving creature when she is inside. She would be a lap dog if it were possible. She was completely house trained in a couple of weeks and rapidly learned and obeys all commands I have taught her. To observe her inside you would never believe she was a hunting dog. However, when I take her outside, make her sit and then release her to hunt she turns into a different dog. If you start the 4-wheeler up she will be loaded before you can even think about getting on and will ride as long as you will let her. If she sees me or anyone else leave the cabin with a shotgun, she is right at your side.

As I said, I was totally inexperienced in dealing with a bird dog. John was very helpful in instructing me how to begin training her and always willing to answer any questions I might have had. He absolutely sold me the perfect dog. In fact, at the time I purchased Sasha, John had one of her male litter mates also and I am not too sure if I knew then what I know now that I would not have purchased him too.

Submitted by: Carl Perkins on 24 Jul 2007

I’ve known John 13 yrs now and I have to say I’m better off for it! It’s not just his ability to produce/train a World Class GSPs, but it’s his ability to develop and nurture long lasting friendships! Let me tell you a little about John and I’s history. It was in the summer of 04 when John seen me working my string of viszla’s at a local training ground and he approached me just to say hi and to look my dogs over. As he could see I loved what I was doing but at the same time he seen that I didn’t have the proper tools to work with since I was using a poor flightless pigeon for the purpose of starting a couple new pups which we knew had disaster written all over it! LOL John was nice enough to offer me to come over to his kennel and he’d let me use his pigeons and any other tools I might need which I took him up on immediately! After arriving at Johns Kennel and staking out the dogs he wanted me to come take a look at his stock of GSP’S, keep in mind I was a firm believer of the viszla and really wasn’t interested in anything else until we stepped into the field and I seen “Sully” which if you know anything about John and his operation you’ll know that Sully was the foundation and start of Johns breeding success! This dog simply blew me away he was simply stated “AWESOME” and at that moment I knew in my mind that I was getting ready to be a GSP owner. I called John a few days later and worked out a deal to come over and clean and feed and in return John would let me use his facility, birds, and anything else I needed to train my dogs which today I still thank him for because John gave me the start and opportunity to get to where I soon would be! It wasn’t but a couple months after I had been working at John’s kennel that he approached me and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. As I stated earlier, the moment I seen Sully I wanted a GSP but at the time I was a broke college student that couldn’t afford a $350 dollar puppy but John knew the desire and drive I had to enter the field trial scene and be the best at it! We both knew that my current stock wasn’t going to take me to the head of the winners string anytime soon so John gave me what turned out to be one of the best gifts I ever received, one of soon to be best GSP in the country! A few of you out there might have heard of CARPENTERS “RAISING ABLE KANE” By the time Kane was 5 1/2 months of age he had won his first non-sanctioned field trial which told me that I had something special. It was time to start entering sanctioned NSTRA trials which Kane quickly dominated! Kane placed second at the age of 6 months and would have won the trial with an impressive five find four retrieve one back performance against at that time a 4 time NSTRA champion Pointer if the handler wouldn’t have missed a bird! That still haunts me!! lol Kane went on to earn many wins including NSTRA field champion status as well as Iowa’s Pheasant forever championship, NBDCA 2nd runner-up at the NBDCA National championship. Most men believe they make the dog but if we’re honest with ourselves and If we as trainers become successful we know it’s the other way around It’s the dog that makes the man and I will attest to this. Kane took me to success that I never dreamed of. It was at the Iowa invitational classic that hall of fame trainer/handler Dan Marr who many of you might recall took BIT-O-Bandee into the record books judged Kane in the last brace of the day and after the brace Dan approached me and stated that Kane might be one of the best animals he had ever seen! This was a major compliment and needless to say a big day in this guy’s life! Dan opened many doors for me in the birddog business including the chance to earn a full sponsorship and pro-staff level with Innotek and a year later at the time the youngest Bass Pro Shop “REDHEAD PROSTAFFER” in the country I got to travel all over the country giving seminars on how to develop and train your hunting companion with the electric collar. I had the privilege to train and spend time with some of the worlds best trainers and everywhere I went Kane was at my side and the topic of discussion around many dinner tables! Simply put “Kane” was the key reason for my quick rise to the top of the hunting industry! I know this isn’t a testimonial about Me but I felt compelled to describe some of my success because none of it would have happened if it wasn’t for John Prince’s friendship, loyalty, advice and the tool that took me to the top “RAISING ABLE KANE” if John wouldn’t have taken me in and introduced me to the GSP I wouldn’t have achieved the success and life long memories that Kane and I made traveling the country! John, I want to thank you for your friendship and being there whenever I needed something! If there’s anyone out there thinking about adding a friend or a World class GSP to there lives I highly recommend John and Princes quality gundogs! John I look forward to seeing you again and your new facility and maybe we can go stake a string out and have some fun!

Your friend!

Submitted by:  Brian Carpenter on 2 Jul 2007

I purchased a male GSP from John Prince in June 2004. Maverick was sired by Brown LS Dixieland Alabi adn Stubblefield Baroque. Maverick was purchased for my youngest son as a pet. Due to Maverick’s intuition to point birds in the backyard I knew I had to train this dog to hunt. I contacted John when Maverick was still only 5 mos old. John took Maverick and trained him in just four weeks to point, back, retrieve and hunt with a burning desire that I find very hard to beat. With this said John Prince and Maverick have shown me and my two sons and my father a new found love for quail hunting, and spending some good quality time in the field that would not have been possible before.

John has provided my family a great hunting companion to spend time with, but also a very intelligent dog that sleeps on the couch and protects the home as well. I highly recommend John Prince’s Gun Dogs and his personal touch in his dog training. John is up front and honest, and truly cares about you and your new pup.

Thanks John,

Your Friend

Chris Kittrell

Submitted: 19 Jun 2007

At the time I met John Prince (March 07) I was not looking for a GSP. As a matter of fact I wanted a “pointing” Lab. After some research and discussion with breeders of pointing labs and after a discussion with John, I decided to reserve a male sight unseen from a litter born in April 07 sired out of Princes Snake Eyes Romeo. I got third pick and was understandably nervous whether I made the right decision. The time came to travel to Pittsburgh, Ks. and pick up the little guy.

I got to the kennels and met John who strikes me as an honest person who loves his dogs and the outdoors. After he demonstrated Snakes Eye’s ability I thought this dog has what is takes and it appears to be natural ability rather than force-broke. Then the time came to see my pup. He was in a pen with his three little sisters and since momma was back home in Saint Louis, they were all looking for attention. Boy was I nervous, you’ve thought I was holding my son for the first time. My wife took to him instantly, not like my wife to take to a bird dog. But this one was different. I have always read to take the one that is more “out front”, you know more assertive. Third pick out of 3 males, I didn’t have a choice and I have to admit I wasn’t sold because this one calm, very shy and well, with three sisters brooding over you what can you expect. But when I looked him in the eye you could tell something was different about the way he looked back at me. It was like he was checking me out too. He was not some uncontrollable wild eyed pup looking for a pat on the head. Well, I thought with John’s satisfaction guarantee, if I didn’t like him I would return him so it’s time to go home and meet the family.

I have 4 dogs and 2 teenagers at home so already its going to be an overwhelming experience for the new guy to say the least.

He slept in my lap the 3 hours ride home. The first couple of days he just slept, played a little slept some more, ate and did the usual stuff.

Admittedly, I was not impressed. Third day came and he was beginning to socialize better with the dogs especially with my 6 month old female Labrador.

Today, “Gunner” Von Brawn is 13 weeks and last week he was stalking/pointing his play mate in the yard. He naturally brings anything I throw back to me with very little calling. Very handsome bird dog, basketball type body, you know the tall dark and handsome, the women love em. My neighbor comes over just to see him because “he’s a good looking dog”. Guys that come over are impressed with his good looks ie, markings, build, his swagger and his laid back temperament. My female vet thinks he should make a good stud just on looks alone and temperament set aside his hunting ability.

John is a great guy for being honest about his dogs. In July, John will help me start Gunner Von Brawn and in the mean time I am enjoying Gunner just being a pup and doing what puppies do. Thanks John for a life long companion. This one is a keeper.

Submitted by:  Karl Purvis 14 June 2007

I just purchased a GSP pup from John, three weeks ago and had nothing but a good experience with him. He is very knowledgeable and was open to answer all the questions I had.

My pup will be 10 wks in a couple days and I have seen so many good things from her already. She caught on to her name, Here command, and Sit very fast and is already retrieve a dummy. (in only 2 weeks)

I was unsure what to expect at first but everything that John had stated about his pups has been correct.

I would recommend John to anyone looking for a good hunting dog.

Submitted by:  Beau Peterson 14 June 2007

A few months ago I got a shorthair pup from a local breeder. When I got her I had every intention of sending her to a training school. I learned of Prince’s operation thru my brother and decided to contact him. I got a hold of John to discuss some training ideas and see about sending the dog to him for training. As we started talking he took me through several steps to start the dog out right. He explained allot of basic do’s and don’ts that have been very helpful. My dog is 4 1/2 months old and by following his methods I have my dog sitting, coming to me, retrieving, and yes pointing. We still have a lot of work ahead, but I wouldn’t be anywhere without Johns help. This guy knows what he is talking about. Thanks John.

Submitted by:  Chad Peterson 14 June 2007

I met John in 1996, at that time I bought four GSP pups out of a litter sired by Prince’s I Saul the Light and Baroness Katrina. All four became outstanding gun dogs as well as winners in the local QU fun trials. Two years later I bought another female pup out of another breeding of the same Sire and Dam as my first pups. She became a Superb gundog and has also won several QU fun trials. I have seen many GSPs but John Prince simply has an outstanding bloodline of dogs that are naturals. They point, back, retrieve and most of all have brains/personality which has endeared them to my whole family. John is an excellent trainer who has a soft touch and knows his business when it comes to training a gundog. John is a straight up guy from whom I have purchased great dogs not only for myself but others as well. I highly recommend John and his GSP’s!!

Submitted by:  Russ Cherry on 15 May 2007

I got a hold of John after having a bad experience with another breeder. I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first because he sounded a little to good to be true. I am the first one to admit when I am wrong and boy was I wrong. John got me a beautiful pup who sleeps at my feet at night, and astonishes every one who sees him work afield by day. Thank you John for being you.

Submitted by:  Joe Bell on 26 Jan 2007

Joe Bell’s “Boss” retrieving to hand at 4 months!

Prince Boss Hog - German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy

I have known John for about a year and have bought two dogs. The first dog at 6 months and 2nd pup at 2 months of age. Both are awesome workers and companions. I had the youngest pup out at 3 months and she points, honors and retrieves to hand. Both dogs are naturals and required very little training. Being a business owner and upland guide leaves me very little time to train. John promised me dogs that were going to be no-brainers and he did deliver. John won’t just sell you a dog, he’ll give you the time and day by returning calls and taking the time to give any training tips needed to make it easy for the dog owner. John has great dogs and already I’m talking to him now about purchasing a third.

Submitted by:  Dan Torgerson on 24 Jan 2007

I got a four month old female puppy from John Prince in December. At four months two weeks old it pointed its first wild covey of quail. One week later it made three full retrieves to hand on a quail hunt and began to honor the other dogs on point. By the time the puppy was 5 months old it had also pointed a pheasant and brought me my reading glasses that had fallen out of my pocket during a hunt. All of this was done without any prior training or yard work. This is the fastest start I have ever had from a puppy of any breed.

Submitted by:  Marty McCord on 22 Jan 2007

I have known John for a few years and have found him to be very helpful and knowledgeable and above all truthful. I had a female bred to Johns Princes Snake Eyes

Romeo. She had 8 of the most intelligent good looking pups that Ive ever raised. I am looking forward to working with John again and having my female bred to one of his males. He has a excellent line of German Shorthairs.

Submitted by:  Dennis Shearrer on 14 Jan 2007

I have purchased 6 pups from John over the past 8 years. All have developed into great hunters and companions. They have all been very intelligent and easy to train. John has always been available to help answer questions and seems to have a lot of dog sense which makes a big difference in training results. My next dog will also come from Princes Quality Gun Dogs.

Submitted by: Mel Blackwood on 27 Dec 2006

I just purchased a pup from John and I couldn’t be happier with my experience. He was very helpful in my decision making process and I can’t wait to use him as a training resource as well. His dogs and pups were amazing and I would recommend calling John to anyone.

Submitted by:  Josh Shelton on 20 Dec 2006

My comments are concerning John as a trainer as I needed someone to train a Brittany pup out of Nolan’s Last Bullet. I got the pup a bit late and he’d chase birds and the quail wing but not point anything. I gave him to John and couldn’t believe the difference 5 weeks of training made. I got a pup that points, holds his point, retrieves, and covers ground well. John did a great job with him and has been quite willing to help me out with minor things after I brought the pup home. I highly recommend him as a gentle but effective trainer.

Submitted by:  Mike Lawson on 20 Dec 2006

John is a super guy and when he says he will help you after the sale he is faithful to that. What I have in my dogs today is all in thanks to John and another of my great friends.

Thanks John!

Submitted by:  Anthony Houk on 17 Nov 2006