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Here at Princes Quality Gun Dogs, we not only breed some of the highest quality hunting dogs, but also great companions. All of our dogs are bred from some of the purest breeds and proven hunting dogs. We are proud to breed and train German Short Hair Pointer puppies and dogs. Our dogs are trained in upland and waterfowl bird hunting.

We believe that hunting is not a sport, but an actual way of life. We are passionate hunters that understand the needs and qualities that make for the perfect hunting dog and strive to deliver nothing but the best. Our German Short Hair Pointers are proven champions that have the same passion and instincts for hunting that you have. We start and finish their training before they become a member of your family. Our gun dog training program is the very best.

The German Short Hair Pointer was originally bred in the 1800’s to be a fun loving and compassionate family member while serving as a fierce hunter. With a high level of intelligence along with a strong work ethic, they can handle much more than just being a hunting dog. Proper training along with a little discipline, you can mold a German Short Hair Pointer into almost any dog you need them to be.

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Selecting a hunting dog can be a very difficult task. Here at Princes Quality Gun Dogs we not only are avid hunters and breeders but we are also trainers. From the very beginning we help lay the foundation for great hunting dogs but to also be obedient family pets. We also have the facility for full gun dog training that will serve your every demand. No matter where you are in the training process we can take the wheel and help bring out the very best in your dog.

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We pride ourselves on breeding some of the best German Short Hair Pointers while preserving the qualities of the breed. Princes Quality Gun Dogs is a small kennel that prides itself on providing the very best. If you are looking for a high quality German Short Hair Pointer, we look forward to hearing from you. We currently have many pointing and gun dogs for sale, be sure to check out our for sale page.

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