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male brown and white German shorthaired pointer German Shorthaired Pointer for Sale - OZ

This is OZ, He is broke to handle command or whistle, holds birds solid, retrieves to hand, WHOA and HERE broke, honors another dog on sight and loads in dog box on command as well. Would be great in the home, but has plenty of drive in the field. Is currently being used as a guide dog. His nose is considered excellent, will hold a bird til the sun goes down even if the bird is seen by him and running.


Bodie - German Shorthaired Pointer for Sale Bodie - German Shorthaired Pointer for Sale


Rusty - German Shorthaired Pointer for Sale

This is Rusty, whelped June 27,06 He is a GREAT GRANDSON OF DUAL CHAMPION OF STRADIVARIUS BAROQUE. His father is a direct son of Prince’s I Saul the Light which is on my website under studs. His mother is a grand daughter of Prince’s I Saul the Light. Rusty has been hunted mainly on tame birds, quail and pheasant. He has also been hunted on wild quail but not alot. He is HERE broke, WHOA broke, handles in the field, retrieves to hand and loads up on command. He has an excellent nose and will flat slam his birds as you can see in some of the pics. You will not be disappointed with his temperament or looks. He has been in the house and gets along well with other dogs. I would consider him to be a good shooting dog as well as a great companion. If you run him with another dog that likes to cover ground he will do the same but at the same time you can keep him as close as 30 yds. I have had his bloodline in my kennel for over 13 yrs and he will have what it takes to be one of the best dogs you will ever own.


Mickey - German Shorthaired Pointer for Sale Mickey - German Shorthaired Pointer for Sale

This is a real nice pup out of FC TRUEBLUE’S HUDS KICKIN UP DUST, his mother is a GRAND DAUGHTER OF FC BLUE EARTH REXX. I bred this combination for NATURAL ABILITY and CONFORMATION. He was whelped April 6, 07 his mother is one of the best dogs in the kennel and produces superb dogs. He has been broke on pigeons and quail, will retrieve to hand, handle in the field, is HERE broke and WHOA broke. He will handle in as little as 30 yds or 150 yds. If given the opportunity he will run big, especially if you run him with another dog that runs big, but overall he is a nice shooting dog. He would also make a nice addition to any kennel who is looking to improve on their lines with his pedigree. If you go to Dams on my website you will see his mothers pedigree under Prince’s Oriah before the Dawn. He has alot of potential for about any venue whether it be NSTRA, or AKC stakes such as Master Hunter potential. He gets along well with other dogs and has also been in the home. Again, there are alot of opportunities and potential with him. He also has not had his puppy papers sent in so an individual can register him how they like.


female brown and white german shorthaired pointer Josie - German Shorthaired Pointer for Sale

Josie, is a real nice young female. She points and holds birds solid. She is WHOA broke and will stop on a dime. She retrieves birds to hand and handles in the field. She is a grand daughter to DC, 3X NSTRA CH. Gambles Odyssey Fritz MH, RD, VCX, NAVHDA UT Prize 11, she would be considered close to medium range. She points and holds her birds with style and when the bird is shot over her she retrieves back to hand on a dead run. REALLY NICE YOUNG DOG! She also has a calm demeanor for in the home also.